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GITAM Journal of management has several unique features as compared with any other management journal published in India; that help scholars, teachers and professionals to pursue research activities. The unique features of the Journal are beside regular research papers it also consists of a) Case studies b) student articles of fairly good standard thereby to encourage the students to compete at all India in presenting papers c) Research abstracts d) list of doctoral dissertations, e) comprehensive bibliography on any individual management topic f) current management literature and g) select statistics on different issues of economy, industry and business. In addition to the above, reviews of latest and standard books which are useful to management teachers, scholars and students are also included in the journal as a regular feature.

Current management students are the future managers and academicians. During the period of their two or three years of study, they are expected to be thorough with not only knowledge of subject matter but also possess good oral and verbal communication skills. Unfortunately, 90 of the journals not provide an opportunity for the management students to express this. GITAM JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT has provided a separate section to publish three or four student articles of a fairly good standard in each issue. The objective is to encourage the students to compete at all India level in preparing these papers.